European Association of Agricultural Economists

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Previous EAAE Congresses

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  • 2014
    LJUBLIJANA, Slovenia
    Agri-Food and Rural Innovations for healthier Societies
    Chair local organising committee: Aleš Kuhar
    Chair program committee: Jutta Roosen
  • 2011
    ZURICH, Switzerland
    Change and uncertainty – challenges for agriculture, food and natural resources 
    Chair local organising committee: Stephan Pfefferli
    Chair program committee: Steve McCorriston

  • 2008
    GHENT, Belgium
    People, Food and Environments: Global Trends and European Strategy
    Chair local organising committee: Erik Mathijs
    Chair program committee:  Luis Miquel Albisu

  • 2005
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    The Future of Rural Europe in the Global Agri-Food System
    Chair local organising committee: Svend Rasmussen
    Chair program committee: Klaus Frohberg

  • 2002
    ZARAGOZA, Spain
    Exploring diversity in the European Agri-Food System
    Chair local organising committee: Luis Miguel Albisu
    Chair program committee: Jean Christophe Bureau

  • 1999
    WARSAW, Poland
    European Agriculture Facing the 21st Century in a Global Context
    Chair local organising committee: Jerzy Wilkin
    Chair program committee: Jo Swinnen

  • 1996
    EDINBURGH, United Kingdom
    Redefining the Roles for European Agriculture

  • 1993
    STRESA, Italy
    Transition to an Integrated Agricultural Economy

  • 1990
    THE HAGUE, The Netherlands
    European Agriculture in Search of New Strategies

  • 1987
    Resource Adjustment and European Agriculture

  • 1984
    KIEL, Germany
    Agricultural Markets and Prices

  • 1981
    BELGRADO, Yugoslavia
    Agriculture and Regional Development in Europe

  • 1978
    DIJON, France
    European Agriculture in a more Integrated Economy

  • 1975
    UPPSALA, Sweden
    Short-term Prospects for the Development of European Agriculture




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