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EAAE Webinar 1

15 July 2020


Dealing with Extreme Weather in Agriculture


Weather extremes threaten global food security and heavily affect rural communities’ livelihoods. The number and magnitude of many perils is expected to increase with climate change putting an additional burden on farmers and the society. To assure a resilient farming systems, insurance solutions have a long tradition in providing payouts to producers suffering from losses.


The here presented results contribute to a better quantitation of climate and weather risks in agricultural production and provide insights into efficient risk management solutions. For that we bring together a multidisciplinary group of speakers from agronomy, economics, climate research, and plant science to shed light on weather risks from different perspectives.


Talks (Presenters in bold): 

  1. 16.00-16.20: Drivers of Crop Yield Failures in Germany

    (Heidi Webber, Gunnar Lischeid, Michael Sommer, Robert Finger, Claas Nendel, Thomas Gaiser, Frank Ewert)

  2. 16.20-16.40: The Recent Impacts of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Global Agricultural Production

    (Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Toby Ault, Carlos Carrillo, Robert Chambers, David Lobell)

  3. 16.40-17.00: Using Historical Weather Data to Price Crop Insurance Revenue Products

    (Jesse Tack, Barry Barnett, Keith Coble, Jisang Yu)

  4. 17.00-17.20: Prospects for Weather Index Insurance in Europe

    (Tobias Dalhaus, Willemijn Vroege, Janic Bucheli, Robert Finger)

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