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Winners of the ERAE best paper Award and best Reviewers 2019 

The ERAE has selected the winners of the best paper award for 2019 and the best reviewers. 

The winners of the best paper awards are:

  • Accommodating satisficing behaviour in stated choice experiments’. By: Sandorf, Erlend Dancke  and Campbell,   Danny. ERAE Vol: 46   Issue: 1   Pages: 133-162
  • Explaining farm structural change in the European agriculture: a novel analytical framework’. By:    Neuenfeldt, Sebastian; Gocht, Alexander; Heckelei, Thomas; Ciaian, Pavel. ERAE  Vol: 46   Issue: 5   Pages:   713-768

The 2019 best reviewers are: Frederic Ang (WUR), Ing-Marie Gren (SLU), Jens Rommel (SLU) and Marcella Veronesi (Verona).


Congratulations to the winners!