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EAAE winners Publication Awards 2016

The Board of the EAAE approved the proposals from the EAAE award committee as follows:

Quality of Policy Contribution Award in honour of Giovanni Anania
Roberto Solazzo [member], Michele Donati [member], Licia Tomasi and Filippo Arfini (2016), ‘How effective is greening policy in reducing GHG emissions from agriculture? Evidence from Italy’. Science of the Total Environment 573: 1115-1124.

Quality of Research Discovery Award
Xavier Irz [member], Pascal Leroy, Vincent Réquillart [member] and Louis-Georges Soler [member] (2016). ‘Welfare and sustainability effects of dietary recommendations’. Ecological Economics 130: 139–155.

Winners of the Outstanding ERAE Journal Article 2016

The Board of the EAAE approved the proposal from the Editorial Board of the European Review of Agricultural Economics to award the ‘Outstanding ERAE Journal Article’ Award for 2015 to:

Sergio H. Lence; Dermot J. Hayes; Julian M. Alston; John Stephen C. Smith, for the paper:  ‘Intellectual property in plant breeding: comparing different levels and forms of protection’ (43(1)).

Congratulations to all the winners!