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The EAAE membership is valid for a triennial period beginning on 1 January of the year in which a member joins. For example, a member who joined in 2016 is a member for the triennial period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018. Likewise, a member who joins in 2018 is a member for the triennial period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020.

The cost of becoming an EAAE member in 2020 is 150 Euro for the triennial period of 2020-2022. That is just 50 Euro per year. Every participant in an EAAE Congress, EAAE Seminar, or EAAE PhD workshop must be a member of the EAAE before registering for the event. EAAE membership is open to all with an interest in agricultural economics. If you are a member you are not obliged to participate in an EAAE event such as the congress or a seminar.


Besides the possibility to participate in the exclusive EAAE events, like the Congress, Seminars and PhD workshops, the EAAE membership gives you other great benefits. These include:

  • Free electronic access to EuroChoices by logging into the members’ area on the EAAE website.
  • The ability to subscribe for a reduced fee to online electronic access to the European Review of Agricultural Economics (ERAE).
  • A monthly EAAE Newsletter
  • You may submit news of events that you are organising to the Newsletter which reaches an audience of approximately 1,100 agricultural economists around Europe.
  • You can submit information on upcoming job openings and open positions, which will appear under the Job board on the home page.
  • You can submit special publications after approval by the EAAE board which will appear under the Member’s publications on the home page.
  • You have access to the member database, which allows you to quickly identify relevant people working in your field.
  • The opportunity to be nominated for the following prestigious EAAE awards: the Outstanding ERAE Journal Article; the Research Discovery Award and; the Policy Contribution Award in Honour of Giovanni Anania.
  • The opportunity to be nominated for the EAAE Fellow Awards.

To become a new member go to our Subscribe page.

PayPal payment: please be sure to wait up to 10 seconds for the confirmation from PayPal that your transaction is complete, otherwise it will be aborted and your payment will not be received.

If you need to Renew your membership, please use the login and buy a membership for the new period via the member site.

To renew your membership if you are a current member, and need to renew before the end of the year, go to our member card and log in with your mail address and password. In case you do not remember your password, or would like to change your password, you can also go to the Login page.

Background information

The EAAE membership is valid for a triennial period. Until 1 January 2013, the three-year period operated on a Congress-to Congress basis. For example members who joined either at the XIIIth Congress in Zurich or by attending an EAAE seminar prior to 1 January 2013 was a member under the old rules, and your membership automatically lapsed on 21st August 2014 just before the 2014 Congress in.

Following the decision taken by the General Meeting held in Prague in September 2012, for members joining since 1 January 2013, the membership period changed to a three-year calendar period starting in the year in which the membership application is made. Thus, a member who attended a seminar in 2013 and became a member during that year had a three-year membership for the period 2013-2015. A member who paid their membership in 2014 had a membership for the period 2014-2016, and so on. Members who renewed their membership in order to participate in the Prague Congress in 2017 or who became a member during the course of 2020 will have a three-year membership, which will run until 31 December 2022.