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Liaison Officers

For nearly all European countries Liaison Officers (LO) have been appointed. A Liaison officer acts as a contact between the National Association(s) and the EAAE Board. Different procedures to appoint Liaison Officers are in force in each country. Most of the time the LO is a board member of the National Association. If you are interested in becoming a Liaison Officer, particularly for a country not listed in the ‘list of current Liaison Officers’ below, please contact the Secretary General.

CountryLast nameFirst nameMail address
AustriaTriblChristophmail address
BelgiumLauwersLudwigmail address
FinlandNiemiJarkkomail address
FranceThoyerSophiemail address

GermanyLoyJens-Petermail address
HungaryJamborAttilamail address
ItalySckokaiPaolomail address
ItalyGianlucaBrunorimail address
NorwayMittenzweiKlausmail address
PolandMilczarek Dominikamail address
SlovakiaDrabikDusanmail address
SloveniaJuvancic Lukamail address

United KingdomLloydTimmail address

The tasks and responsibilities of Liaison Officers are:

  • To act as a contact point between the membership of both the concerned association(s) and the EAAE;
    To forward information on developments in the profession in his/her country that may be relevant for the short and medium term planning of EAAE activities;
    To facilitate the flow of information on the activities of the concerned association(s) among the membership of the EAAE and of those of the EAAE among the membership of the concerned association(s);
    To represent a National Association(s) with the EAAE for the execution of the Memorandum of Understanding (if exists) and to act as the contact point.

At each triennial Congress a meeting of Liaison Officers is organised to discuss ideas on how to increase the level of activity in the countries represented in the EAAE. The minutes of the meetings are available for Liaison Officers through the EAAE secretariat.