EAAE congress 2020

Every three years the EAAE organizes a congress with a general theme in the broad field of agricultural economics. The congress brings together between 700 to 800 academics, scholars, practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers from all over the world to discuss the latest and most pressing issues in the agri and food domain.

The XVI EAAE Congress will be held on 20 -23 July 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic under the title: "Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinarity, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches"

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To promote the knowledge and understanding of agricultural economics and the exchange of experiences, ideas and information among agricultural economists, stakeholders and policymakers, the EAAE organises a range of events. These include: a triennial Congress with a general theme, several seminars a year which are devoted to one or more specific subjects, a PhD workshop once every two years and organised sessions at the congresses of sister associations.

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The EAAE is involved in publishing scientific information through three different mediums.

The European Review of Agricultural Economics is the official scientific journal of the EAAE although it has its own governance structure via the EAAEP Foundation, and the EAAE does not own the journal. It is a leading scientific journal in the field of agricultural economics. EuroChoices is the outreach journal of the EAAE and is co-owned with the Agricultural Economics Society. The journal covers agricultural and rural research, ideas and policy deliberation. Papers from our congresses and seminars are published electronically on AgEcon Search.

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Below we provide information on events that we consider to be relevant to our members, but not organised by the EAAE. We can therefore not guarantee the quality of activities and often do not have more information on the events than is provided here. In case of questions please contact the sources given. If you wish to list an event you need to logon.

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